Admission Exam


The “basic programming and mathematics” test will take place on the first day of the examination, while the interview will take place on the second day of examination. The exact times will be communicated in due time to the interested candidates. The date of the admission exam is to be found in the [key dates] section of this website.

Exam Description and Process

Our admission exam is designed to assess whether candidates possess the essential skills and mindset required for success in our curriculum. The evaluation comprises two key components:

  1. Written Test – Algorithmic Proficiency and Logical Thinking
    • The written test focuses on “basic programming and mathematics” to evaluate candidates’ algorithmic and mathematical knowledge, along with their capacity for logical thinking.
    • This assessment is based on the skill level achieved in specific coursework:
      • Programming proficiency equivalent to a class of 3TPIF in courses CLISS1 and CLISS2.
      • Mathematics competency equivalent to a class of 1TPIF in MPMAA courses.
  2. English Language Interview – Interest and Aptitude Assessment
    • Candidates participate in an English language interview conducted by a jury. This interview serves to gauge candidates’ interest in our training program and assess their foundational skills essential for their future profession.
    • As part of the interview, candidates will encounter an unknown text, used as supplementary material to evaluate their language skills.

Scoring and Criteria

Each test carries a total of 20 marks. To be placed on the “pre-admitted” list, candidates must achieve a minimum of 10 marks in each test.

Tie-Breaking Criteria

In the event of tied scores among one or more candidates, the ad hoc committee will consider the documents submitted with their applications for further classification.

Final Registration Lists

The ad hoc committee determines two lists:

    1. The first list comprises the top N candidates (where N equals the number of available training slots) and secures their spot on the final registration list.
    2. The second list consists of the remaining pre-admitted candidates, ranked in order on the waiting list.

Filling Available Seats

If there are M available study slots or if some candidates withdraw before the training cycle begins (e.g., due to early admission decisions before BAC results), the first M candidates from the waiting list will fill these vacancies.

Language Proficiency Test

In cases where there is uncertainty regarding a candidate’s language proficiency, a placement test may be requested based on the documents submitted during registration. This test helps identify language deficiencies, and it remains the student’s responsibility to address any identified weaknesses.

Publication of Decisions

All admission decisions and results will be posted in the display case at LAM. Please note that we do not communicate decisions via telephone or publish them on our website.

Appeal Process

The decisions of the ad-hoc commission are final and not subject to appeal, except as provided for in Article 2(1) of the law of 7th November 1996 on the organization of administrative jurisdictions.