Learning outcomes

Upon completing the BTS Game Programming and Game Design program, graduates will possess a comprehensive skill set that enables them to excel in various facets of the gaming industry. These include:

  1. Game Design Proficiency: Graduates will have the ability to craft engaging games utilizing Game Design and Level Design techniques, drawing inspiration from historical developments in the field.
  2. Advanced Programming Skills: Graduates will be adept at developing large-scale computer applications using cutting-edge programming methodologies.
  3. Transmedia Expertise: Graduates will be capable of conceiving, planning, and implementing the diverse transmedia elements of a game.
  4. Game Engine Proficiency: Graduates will have hands-on experience with different game engines, enabling them to bring game concepts to life.
  5. Scenario Creation: Graduates will be skilled in crafting scenarios for both “serious gaming” and “playful” game types.
  6. Mathematical Problem Solving: Graduates will be proficient in utilizing 2D and 3D mathematics to resolve graphic-related challenges.
  7. Monetization Strategies: Graduates will be equipped to strategize revenue generation using various monetization models.
  8. Business Acumen: Graduates will be knowledgeable about the core activities within a company and possess analytical skills to assess and adapt to new subjects.
  9. Autonomous Learning: Graduates will be self-driven learners, capable of independently exploring and mastering new topics.
  10. English Communication: Graduates will be proficient in communicating effectively in English, a crucial skill in the global gaming industry.