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Are you interested in studying video game design and programming?
YES – then join our live chat session and meet the students and teachers of the BTS Game Programming and Game Design. You’ll get an overview of the curricula, can ask questions and a receive a virtual tour of our facilities.
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This is the Web Application for the game Parasite Breach by Lazy Monkeys.

But what exactly is this game?

To answer this, you can click on this link to see the post about Parasite Breach.

So, why should you use the application?

It can help you to:

  • Manage your friends and check your friendlist for currently online player.
  • Check your own profile to see you total score, W/L Ratio and more.
  • Check the best players in the world to see what path you have to do to become the number 1.

So what are you waiting for, register now and enjoy the game with your friends.


Welcome to the darkest of Christmas night. Where toys comeback to life and monsters have to defend a cake.

Music used: Insanity Control – Royalty Free

Click or Trick is an online multiplayer PVE (player versus enemy).

You are 4 monsters and you have to defend your precious cake from the evil toy soldiers. So get ready to fight waves of enemies!

Welcome to Parasite Breach.

In this game you will need the ability to blend in with the enviroment, hide yourself bewteen the other scientists and escape from the laboratory.

You play as scientist who controls the guards an the cameras of the laboratory or as one of the 4 parasites, trying to escape from the experiments, to do so you need to evolve with eating supplies and build the EMP to shut down the main door.

Artists: Laryana Apel, Quentin Stubbs, Remy Nickels

Programmers: Christopher Herrig, Marcelo Abbruzzese, Chris Petit

Thank you Dennis Kirps and Christian Kruchten for all the valuable feedback you provided to our first year students during today’s board game review session.

Thank you Farzam Molkara ( for allowing our students to test your neurofeedback-based analytics engine.
It was a fantastic experience!


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