BTS Game Programming and Game Design

Ahoy, Matey! Come discover what the arcade game Storm Sailors is all about.

Come aboard and fly with us on The Tempesta through the savage skies and help us fight against the pirates.

To download and play the game or for more information go on our official Storm Sailors website.



In Delirium, you take the place of Francis, a minion of the lightning god, whose task it is to fight against the evil thunder god an his evil minions. Prepare to move between two realities to fulfill your destiny.

If you want to know more about this game, feel free to check our website: Click Here

Greetings dear reader,

We are the Lightning Potatoes, we are the creators of this unique game called “Baby Thor”

In our game you will help baby Thor and his twin to reach their bottle filled with beer, ehm no, we meant ambrosia. But be careful, the brothers are bound to each other, when one fails both pay the price.

If you are now interested to play our game, then download it right here!

Members of the Lighting Potatoes Team:

Cissé Amina (the thunderous script creator), Volta Alessio (the lighting fast programmer), Farroug Hanna  (the flashy artist), Stubbs Quentin ()

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Thanks to Saturn Luxembourg-City for those nice loot boxes!

Our students are currently working on their arcade project. The first prototypes have delivered very useful insides on how to build the final arcade.

Today we welcomed LUXROBO at the Talent-Hub for an unboxing session of their MODI product suit. Our students got the opportunity to try out the various modules and make their first awesome creations. Curious? Visit us on Friday (29/03) or Saturday (30/03) at the LAM Open Days Event! We will present, in exclusivity, MODI at our Code Club Workshop.

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